Shipbuilding Industry

Shipbuilding was once a booming industry in Kwun Tong. In the early 50s, light industries sprouted in Kwun Tong, and started to take off in the 60s. At that time, several sizable shipyards emerged along Kwun Tong Tsai Wan (also known as Yau Tong Bay), and they built many small- to medium-sized ships for Hong Kong and other places in Asia.

It is worth mentioning that shipbuilding techniques in Hong Kong were relatively advanced during that time. To highlight this point and in appreciation of Hong Kong's shipbuilding craftsmanship, we have made shipbuilders the subject of the Column, and depicted how ships are built out of timber at the back of the Column. Meanwhile, we also wish to convey the metaphorical meaning of building our own “ships” together and setting sail towards our dreams. Well, you are cordially invited to get on board with us!