Plastic Flower Making Industry

Assembling components is a procedure in manufacturing plastic flowers, and getting a whole family involved in such a procedure is a collective memory of one generation in Hong Kong.

When the industry of plastic flower making emerged in Hong Kong, many people took part in the procedure of assembling components. Since many of the steps in making plastic flowers involved handiwork, in order to earn more money for their households, a lot of families would pick up materials from factories and get every family member involved in assembling components for the plastic flowers, as if their homes were workshops. At times when business flourished, some people would even further outsource their jobs. Traces of plastic flowers could be seen everywhere.

The significance of the plastic flower making industry to Hong Kong has made the industry an integral part of local development. Therefore, we have chosen plastic flower makers to be one of the subjects of our series. Decorated with plastic flowers in the background, the Column shows people working together to assemble the plastic flower components. Through this design, we hope to recreate the scene of plastic flower making and highlight the Hong Kong spirit of "Below the Lion Rock" (i.e. the spirit of working hard).