As an industrial and commercial base, Kwun Tong is full of traffic on weekdays. On holidays, however, the district has a very different vibe. It is relaxing and comfortable, being lively and quiet at the same time. The impression Kwun Tong gives varies at different times of the week.

In addition to large malls and venues for art and cultural events, many attractions and landmarks are worth visiting in Kwun Tong. It is definitely a good place for lovers to spend quality time together and take pictures to make memorable moments last.

On the Column, you can see the "photos" taken by a pair of lovers, who are the subject of this Column: the romantic pink and blue “Jimmy’s Bridge”, the dreamy blue tunnel on the rooftop of Lok Wah South Estate, and the great view taken during their walk along the Kwun Tong Promenade. Have you ever been to any of those places?