Food Industry

Kowloon Flour Mill has witnessed the development of Kwun Tong for over half a century. It is the only local flour mill which is still in operation and an important landmark of the industrial age of Kowloon East and even Hong Kong.

Kowloon Flour Mill insists on producing flour locally from  imported wheat, which gives its products stable and high quality. Their flour is sold both at home and abroad. During the pandemic, the flour mill sees the needs of the public, takes up social responsibilities, and leverages on the power of Hong Kong manufacturing to relieve the pressure of Hong Kong’s domestic supply.

As an iconic figure, Kowloon Flour Mill best represents the relationship between the food industry and Kowloon East. Prior to the reclamation of Kwun Tong waterfront, the wheat for flour-making used to be transported to the water edge off the flour mill by barge, and then transferred to the flour mill by pipes for storage and further processing. In view of this, our design of the Column takes wheat as background, features barges and the facade of the flour mill, and above all, food industry practitioners - the subject of the Column. We aim to show how flour is produced in Hong Kong from different angles and tell the story of the local food industry.