Financial Industry

In recent years, Kowloon East has undergone active transformation to become Hong Kong's second core business district. Rapid development of land for commercial and business use, optimisation of supporting facilities, coupled with the launch of large-scale planning and construction projects such as the Kai Tak Development, have attracted a raft of industries to settle in Kowloon East. The financial industry is one of them.

The financial industry is an important pillar of Hong Kong’s economy and it is flourishing with remarkable achievements. In fact, Hong Kong is  a well-known international financial centre, which shows that the financial industry plays a pivotal role in Hong Kong.

This Column here shows a financial practitioner holding an MTR handle, busily occupied with life and work. The subject gives a different vibe from the ones with light industry themes. This is because from this Column onwards, we will gradually shift our focus from the industry era of Kowloon East to the more recent sectoral and community developments of the area, as if we are walking down its development path. By illustrating the subject’s daily life, we hope to present to you a completely different side of Kwun Tong, making a sharp contrast between the present and the past, and showing you how they have thrived in different ways but complemented each other in making Kowloon East prosperous as it is.