Clothing Industry

The reclaimed area of Kwun Tong was planned for industrial use at the time it was developed. The area then continued to turn into an industrial base and gathered all kinds of industries there. The textile and clothing industry, which was one of the leading industries in Hong Kong, also became rooted in the district.

The “Made in Hong Kong” textile and clothing got recognized and acclaimed at home and abroad, which brought significant contributions to the Hong Kong economy. Take denim as an example, local products were exported to many places and used by international brands. One could easily find the phrase “Made in Hong Kong” on the labels of denims.

Key to the success of textile and clothing industry, dexterous workers are chosen as the subject of the Column. At the back of the Column, we have depicted some simplified clothes making procedures and pieced them together with zips, needles, threads, as well as buttons. Look closely and you will also find the denim which we have artfully woven into the design.