Aviation Industry

The former Kai Tak Airport was the birthplace of Hong Kong's aviation industry and one of the busiest international airports at the time, ranking among the top in the world in terms of both passenger and cargo throughput. The airport also gave pilots one of the greatest challenges in the world.

Located in the urban area, the former airport was surrounded by hills and buildings, coupled with the locational factor of the runway, the airport was a test for the take-off and landing skills of pilots. Because of the same reasons, planes also used to fly directly over the heads of people, which indeed made a strong impression on the public and became a unique classic in Hong Kong.

To highlight the uniqueness of the former Kai Tak Airport, we have chosen the ground staff who assisted in plane landing to represent the aviation industry practitioners and be the subject of the Column. We have also recreated on the Column the intricate relationship between planes and buildings at the time, which allows you to have a peek at the then unique Hong Kong.