Art and Culture Industry

With the continuous development of Kowloon East, more and more art and cultural spaces can be found and they have also become more diverse.

Over the years, Hong Kong has been actively participating in and organising various local, national and international art and cultural events, allowing people from different sectors and industries to interact and exchange ideas and experiences. Being immersed in an east-meet-west culture is a distinctive edge of the Hong Kong art and culture sector. With that, artists and creators can create works with rich layers and distinctiveness, which also record, present, express and even reshape different faces of society. Local artists and creators can also communicate with the world and show the beauty of Hong Kong through their artworks.

By showing you different types of artists and creators on the Column, we hope to capture the diversity of Kowloon East’s art and culture. As a result, you can find various types of art and cultural activities on the Column, some of which are more inclined to the artistic side, and some are closer to the creative side, giving you a rich and complete picture of the industry.